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We4Ce-TRES4 and Cartflow aim for Energizing the Market!

We are proud to announce that the Dutch company We4Ce-TRES4 has started a co-operation with the one-shot-blade-manufacturer Cartflow in Italy. In the beginning of 2015, parties found synergy with each other on the level of design and implementation of manufacturing/processing techniques.

"Not only the knowledge and experiences, but also the pragmatic way of working, characterize both our companies, showed clear possibilities in a joined cooperation." says Cartflow manager Mr. Angelo D'Ettore. The first project of Cartflow and We4Ce-TRES4 has already started. The project aims on a 27m rotor blade and find itself at present in an interactive process between structural design and production processing.

For Cartflow this project is potentially interesting as a challenging next step to show it's one shot design technology for the mid-size rotor blade range, before boosting further towards 50-60m rotor blade lengths.

For We4Ce-TRES4 the challenge is to investigate, to design and to restructure rotor blade designs in a novel manufacturing process to bring rotor blades to a higher quality level and directly lower the production costs, which is an absolute must according to technical manager Mr. Edo Kuipers.

The target is to be ready for the future in abandoning the negative aspects of leading edge, trailing edge, and shear web bond-lines. Both parties see this present joint development project as a first step and aim for a close cooperation for the next years.

"Energizing te Market with different design and processing developments is the vision of both parties for being ready for the future!"

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