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The Company

We4Ce is a worldwide leading wind turbine rotor blade specialist, based in the Netherlands with representative offices in China, India and Russia.

In the services We4Ce offer’s we include the 20 years of experience in the design, the material research, the manufacturing support and root cause analysis.

The core business of We4Ce is rotor blade design. This from aerodynamic and structural design to technology implementation at our customer’s production premises. 

As part of rotor blade designs, We4Ce is a specialist in the root connection of the blade to the wind turbine. Since the start of our company in 2008, our team has developed the We4Ce bushing solution and continuously improving the knowhow for this connection. 

Although originally We4Ce is a design company selling technology licenses to produce, since 2018 we started the hardware supply of 180 degrees prefabricated roots, but also delivery of sub-components for the root connection. 

Our work portfolio is from on-shore to off-shore wind turbines in the range 50kW up till 14MW. We have a very broad customer base, ranging from established companies in the Energy Market to new players in the field, spread across the world.


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