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  • 15 SEP 2022 | WindEnergy Hamburg

  • 18 JUL 2020 | IEC61400-5 Reached for the We4Ce Bushing Solution

The Company

Founded in 2008, We4Ce is a worldwide leading wind turbine rotor blade specialist.

Our team has 25 years of experience in the design of rotor blades. We are also experts in material research, we provide manufacturing support and perform root cause analyses where needed.

The core business of We4Ce is holistic rotor blade design. This ranges from the aerodynamic and structural design to technology implementation at customer’s production premises.

Our blade portfolio ranges from 50kW up till 14MW, onshore and offshore; from 2-bladed wind turbines to 3-bladed wind turbines, upwind and downwind. Our clients are located in different countries on different continents. 

We4Ce is specialized in ultra strong and ultra durable solutions for the root connection of the blade. Our team has developed the We4Ce bushing solution in the sizes M20, M30, M36 and M42. Our bushing solution is also extremely easy to adopt in a manufacturing process, even in an existing rotor blade design.

A new development of We4Ce is a segmented rotor blade solution, named “split joint module”. This is a sectional rotor blade solution  enabling manufacturers to provide different blade lengths and to exchange blade tips on site more easily. During lifetime the rotor blade tip part has the most problems with erosion and lightning. An exchangeable tip will provide cost reduction in maintenance.

We4Ce provides blade technology for a sustainable future; let’s meet!


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