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  • 10 NOV 2017 | China Wind Power 2017 release

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China Wind Power 2017 release

The day before the China Wind Power the Dutch Embassy organised an off-shore seminar where Chinese and Dutch counterparts had the opportunity to share knowledge and find interests for cooperation. Thanks to H.E. Mr. Ed Kronenburg, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China for this perfect organised seminar.

We4Ce, already present in China since 2007 has for the 8th year in a row a booth at the Dutch Pavilion and met many friends and customers to discuss Wind opportunities and to discuss partnerships. Our partnerships shows an enormous interests for the new rotor blades designs and new We4Ce developments:

  • Rotor blade design 2.0MW 61.5m for the lower air density areas on existing 2MW platforms.
  • Rotor blade design 2.5MW 59.5-63.5m tip extension.
  • Rotor blade design 3.0MW 68.5-74m with the option of a segmented tip.
  • Rotor blade design 6.0MW-8.0MW offshore.
  • “NEW” generation blade root bushing connection. “High quality prefab components”.
  • Engineering services with the focus on “Design for manufacturing”.
  • Customer helpdesk with the focus on QA/QC and cost reduction (new developments, different materials).
  • Annual yield performance increase for existing wind turbine platforms.

More important and real interesting was the presentation given by Mr. Edo Kuipers about the subject “Adaptive Rotor Blade Design”. For more information about this subject please contact us.


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