• 09 APR 2020 | First steps of M.A.R.S. accomplished

  • 03 MRT 2020 | “Modular Adaptive Root Solution” for rotor blades

  • 01 MRT 2020 | Announcements

  • 29 JAN 2020 | Forza China!

We4Ce, 10 YEARS Technology Provider

This year, rotor blade designer We4Ce celebrates her 10 years’ anniversary! We4Ce started in 2008 with a group of highly experienced composite and design experts. Based in Almelo (The Netherlands), with a representative office in Hangzhou, PR China.

We4Ce as independent rotor blade design company offers the following services:

  • Aero elastic tailored blade (co-)designs
  • Root bushing connection between blade and turbine for higher performance
  • Segmented blade design for facilitating adaptive blade length and easier transportation
  • Infusion moulding support for covering the latest DNVGL guidelines
  • Supply of pre-fabricated composite components to increase production efficiency

For more information which services we can provide for your new blade design, specifications of our new blade families or any other blade design related questions, feel free to contact us: Arnold Timmer (arnold.timmer@we4ce.eu), Edo Kuipers (e.kuipers@we4ce.eu) or Michael Wang (we4cechina@gmail.com).

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