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Taiwan: Fast upcoming country in off-shore wind energy technology

Taiwan is a fast upcoming country with regard to wind energy with strong focus to develop off-shore technology.

We4Ce was one of the members organized by RVO and Holland Home of Wind Energy on the Taiwan Off-shore wind energy mission in Taipei followed up by the wind exhibition in Kaohiung March 13 up till 15 April 2019. In Tapei the Dutch off-shore specialists and main players in the field where present having structural discussions with the Ministry of Economic affairs and the Taiwanese Wind industry Association, next to Taiwanese Industry decision makers.

Main topics where:

  • Technology track: The Taiwan goals for local supply chain
  • Finance / Certification: Technology transfer and training of Taiwanese industry to set up its own industry

For We4Ce a more than interesting visit having the opportunity to have discussion with Universities, Metal Industry Research & Development next to local Industry members.

The Dutch companies forms a cluster under PIB (Partners of International Business) promoted and supported by the Dutch Government.

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