• 15 SEP 2020 | Agile Wind Power

  • 18 JUL 2020 | IEC61400-5 Reached for the We4Ce Bushing Solution

  • 09 APR 2020 | First steps of M.A.R.S. accomplished

  • 03 MRT 2020 | “Modular Adaptive Root Solution” for rotor blades

  • 01 MRT 2020 | Announcements

  • 29 JAN 2020 | Forza China!

Forza China!






Dear Friends,

We were quite concerned when we heard from the news that the corona virus was spreading all over China at terrible speed. Then, understood from our 10 years co-operation with our Chinese partners, we have no doubt that you will defeat the virus eventually, as Chinese people are the most resilient on earth. We just want to wish you good luck, good health and godspeed during the process. Forza China!

Yours Sincerely,

Team We4Ce

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