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Strongest M36 bushing of the World!

Ready for use at the start of the year of the OX

With 40% improvement achieved on the safety factor, We4Ce reclaimed the leading position in bushing design.
The improved bushing is referred to as “M36+”, and fills up the strength-gap between the present M36 and M42 bushings. This new bushing can lead to 20% decrease in pitch circle diameters or 15% increase in blade length.
“The M36+ overtakes the current M42 bushing in terms of shear out. Clearly, the bolts are the limiting factor” claims We4Ce’s Engineering Manager, Mr Edo Kuipers.

The result is made possible by 3 years of development, contributed to analytical tools, manufacturing of root parts, field experience with the M30+ and additional testing at test institute TNO in the Netherlands. In total, 60 new bushing tests have been performed in this period, leading to the optimal balance between extreme and fatigue results.

For the certification, a co-operation with 2 German certification bodies is chosen for. TÜV-Rheinland for the manufacturing and testing, to make sure the requirements according the ISO17025 are fulfilled. TÜV-Nord for the confirmation of the final design values. This is done to guarantee that the We4Ce design values can be used in all blade certifications for onshore as well as offshore blades to come.

In February 2021, during Spring Festival the certification is finalised successfully. This is in line with the Germanischer Lloyd guidelines and the IEC standard.
For more information, please join us at the Interna­tional Wind Power Composite Material Summit “2021第七届中国国际风电复合材料高峰论坛” from 25-26 March. Mr Edo Kuipers will present a speech and Mr Wang Lu (Michael Wang) will attend personally for face-to-face meetings. Hope to see you soon! We4Ce | The Rotorblade Specialist

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