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Transport Challenges? We4Ce Sectional Rotor Blades!

Advantages of the We4Ce sectional rotor blades solution are:

  • Decrease of transport costs
  • On-site assembly
  • Limited weight increase
  • No impact on aerodynamic performance

We4Ce developed two different solutions for segmenting the rotor blade:

  • Bonded solution
  • Bolted solution

Bonded solution

The bonded solution is a so called male-female solution, which is patented by We4Ce. See sketch principle. The principle is a low weight solution which guarantees the required tolerances in especially the blade tip section. A disadvantage is that after bonding the blade parts are fixed to one solid rotor blade, but has no need for maintenance in due time.

Bolted solution

The advantage of the bolted solution is that We4Ce make use of its patent of the We4Ce root connection solution. The developed bushing concepts M20, M30 and M36 have the advantage that it can be implemented in a non circular and different angle directions. There is no need for special designed drilling machines. This solution can be infused with the resin infusion moulding process and guarantee high quality level.

In 2017 and 2018 first projects are executed.

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