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Rotor Blade Engineering

The core business of We4Ce is the detailed engineering of rotor blade designs. To start from aerodynamic and structural design to a certified solution. We serve our customers with technology implementation and training.

Our blade portfolio ranges from 50kW up till 14MW, onshore and offshore; from 2-bladed wind turbines to 3-bladed wind turbines, upwind and downwind. Our clients are located in different countries on different continents.

The Blade Root Connection: We4Ce is the world leading specialist in an ultra-strong and ultra-durable blade root connection. Our team has developed the We4Ce bushing solution in the sizes M20, M30, M36 and M42. Our patented bushing solution is extremely easy to adopt in the production process, even in an existing rotor blade design.

Life time extension

With Life Time Extension We4Ce seeks methods to improve existing wind turbines so to avoid the costs (both financially and environmentally) of a new set of blades

A first Life Time Extension development is AdapTIP.  This solution invented by We4Ce is the segmented rotor blade, enabling to quickly change the tip part of a rotor blade, hence AdapTIP = adaptive rotor blade tip”.

Important to know is that the last 10-12 meter of a rotorblade is a low weight part, but also effects heavenly the performance of the turbine. During lifetime the rotor blade tip part has many issues with erosion and lightning. An exchangeable tip will not only provide cost reduction in maintenance, but also give a higher performance – annual yield - of the wind turbine.

This sectional rotor blade solution enables manufacturers to provide different blade lengths and to exchange blade tips on site more easily.

A second Life Time Extension Development is the Re-FIT solution (Repair Front Infusion Technology) for rotor blades having issues with the blade root connection. Instead of replacing these rotor blades by new blades, the blade root can be repaired down tower at wind turbine in the windfarm.

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