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We4Ce Sectional Rotor Blades

The AdapTIP  - Adaptive TIP - solution is developed with support of the Dutch State, in cooperation with TNO Test Institute taking part in fundamental research as well proto type testing in its laboratory in Delft the Netherlands.

First products in 4.0MW classes are produced. We are looking for customers interested to introduce this AdapTIP tip.


We4Ce Re-FIT blade root repair solution

The Repair Front Infusion Technology is developed after consulted and performed root cause analysis at windfarm owners in the field, having major problems with loose blade root connections. Unfortunately these problems arises due to productions issues, material choices or processing far before the end-of life time of at present 20 years.

Together with CNC OnSite Denmark we developed the method of changing existing connection by the We4Ce RE-FIT bushing at wind farm. This technique can also be used for new to produce rotor blades.

Please contact us Life Time Extension services or consultancy on rootcause and repair of rotor blades.


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