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JULY-AUG 2020 | Blade Root Bushing Technology

For wind turbine blades, generally two main root connection types exist to connect the rotor blade to the hub of the turbine: the T-bolt connection or bushing technology.

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MAR 2020 | We4Ce and Boltlife in the news for the development of
reliable blade root to wind turbine hub connections

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FEB 2020 | We4Ce Root Bushing Solution for Rotor Blades

M.A.R.S. 2020: Modular Adaptive Root Solution
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FEB 2019 | Using Polyester Resins in Rotor Blades A Cost Reduction Opportunity?

A case study performed within We4Ce shows a blade cost reduction opportunity for polyester resins in rotor blades. However, will this cost reduction for the blade also lead to a lower cost of energy? By Edo Kuipers, Engineering Manager, We4Ce, The Netherlands
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SEP 2015 | We4Ce: Samen sterk over de grens!

Er ligt in het buitenland voldoende potentieel voor windenergiebedrijven. Download hier het volledige artikel uit het Financieel Dagblad.

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