We4Ce, the Rotor Blade Designer

Root Cause Analysis and Consultancy

Root Cause Analysis
As rotor blade experts We4Ce has sound knowledge of not only rotor blade designs, but also of the materials used, processing methods and production.

We4Ce gets more and more requests for root cause analysis and technical due diligence of various problems windfarm owners endure.

After finding the root cause, we propose efficient and dedicated repair solutions to guarantee the 20 years life time or to extend the life time.

For root cause analysis, and performing minor testing We4Ce uses her own laboratory in Almelo.

Education or training in rotor blade production and processing expertise, consultancy services, technical assistance, root cause analysis and repair solutions are common activities.
This in combination with our engineering knowledge the customer receives real added value and belonging documentation.

We4Ce derived a new family of airfoils focusing on the large onshore and the offshore market.
A family of airfoils is derived with analytical tools and wind tunnel tests on 32 different geometries for tip and root part of the blade!
The use of add-on technology as different Vortex Generator designs and several trailing edge Serration designs were included in the wind tunnel measurement programs.
The gained know-how can be used to optimise existing rotor blades, but can also be integrated in the design of new rotor blades.



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