We4Ce, the Rotor Blade Designer

Annual Yield Improvement

By taking over the company FlowChange early 2020, We4Ce got entrance to the ABIBA project.

The ABIBA project is a 3 years Dutch funding project carried out together with partners 2-B Energy as turbine manufacturer and University of Delft as research institute.

The goal of the project is the development and demonstration of blade add-on technology such as vortex generators to increase the performance of wind turbines.

Know-how is created on the behaviour of the flow around a wind turbine blade and the design, manufacturing and bonding of Vortex Generators (VG) on the rotor blade to improve the airflow.

So called flow tuft visualization is used on site to localize the flow separation areas on the blade before and after the installation of Vortex Generators.

The flow tuft visualization results are correlated with in-house developed engineering models. 

Furthermore, geometric adjustments and new airfoil designs are explored theoretically by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics as well as by means of accessing wind tunnel tests.

The following flow enhancement services can be offered:

  • Annual energy yield improvement analyses with the use of Vortex Generators
  • Design of Vortex Generators
  • Determining the location of the Vortex Generators
  • Manufacturing and supply of Vortex Generators
  • Consultancy in the application or bonding of the Vortex Generators
  • Design of Serrations
  • Manufacturing and supply of Serrations

This knowledge can be used to optimise existing rotor blades, but can also be integrated in the design of new rotor blades.


Wind tunnel testing 25% t/c airfoil with the We4Ce add-on technology: 5-10dB(A) noise reduction.


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