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Blade Root FIT and Re-FIT

FIT or Front Infusion Technology is a new We4Ce production technology for the blade root. It is filed at the Dutch patent offices under PCT/NL2021/050661.
The technology places itself between a T-bolt connection and the Bushing connection when it comes to the production processes and materials.
It combines the best of both worlds!
It has the ease of the main mould production and has no complex positioning/vacuum ring needs.
At the same time many bushings and bolts on a limited root size can be reached.

After having manufactured the main blade with a thick root laminate package, drilling and flattening of the root takes place.
For the drilling only axial holes are to be drilled where subsequently bushings will be inserted and infused with the blade.

Choice for FIT or RE-FIT:

FIT deals with a full We4Ce solution where design and processing is fine-tuned towards each other.
Blade manufacturer’s working now with a T-bolt connection or a one-shot process will especially fruit from this technique.

Re-FIT offers owners of existing and up-running blades a life time extension or a potential damage control measure.
The Re-FIT program of We4Ce offers services from ultrasonic scanning, minimum strength testing, RCA, to the repair of the blade root connection with a life time prediction for the new situation.

Interested in FIT or Re-FIT, please contact us!


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