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Prefab Blade Solutions

We4Ce designers have developed a certified blade root bushing connection, which solution is patented in many European countries as well China since 2012. More than 20,000 rotor blades worldwide are equipped with this solution from 250kw up till 6MW turbines. The bushing solution can not only be designed for We4Ce rotor blade designs, but also into third party designs. The advantage compared to the blade root T-bolt solution is that rotor blades can be designed longer which will end up in a higher performance of the Windturbine.

We4Ce can serve its customers with prefab root components to guarantee a constant high quality level.

Rotor blades are getting longer and longer. We4Ce can support its customers with a segmented blade solution to avoid logistic challenges and to enable the windfarm owner to get the largest Windturbine in the field.

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