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We4Ce Blade Root Connection

The “We4Ce Blade Root Connection” is the solution to increase the length of rotor blades. 35% more bolts at the connection to the turbine hub guarantee a longer blade with a higher annual yield of the wind turbine, compared to the originally used T-bolt technology.

The We4Ce blade root connection is patented and fully certified according the latest guidelines. The sizes available are M20, M30, M36 and M42. More than 25,000 turbines worldwide are installed with this We4Ce technology successfully.

The We4Ce blade root connection is extreme load and fatigue load tested for a 20-25 years life-time plan. The engineering properties are confirmed by the European certification bodies according to the Guideline for the Certification of Wind Turbines Edition 2010 and in correlation with the latest DNVGL-ST-0376 edition 2015. In 2020, also the engineering properties following the FD IEC61400-5 Edition 1 (2020) are confirmed by TÜV-Nord for the most used M36 size.

The We4Ce blade root connection can be integrated in third party rotor blade designs. We have a good cooperation with several turbine producers and rotor blade producers in different continents of the world.

Apart from design technology provider, since 2018 We4Ce supplies also hardware components. This for a consistent quality level which enables producers to concentrate on the assembly in the main mould during blade root production.

The advantages of the We4Ce blade root connection:

  • More bushings/bolts on a smaller root Pitch Circle Diameter
  • Consistent quality level
  • Faster assembly in the main rotor blade production mould
  • Lower maintenance costs during life time “OPEX”
  • Connection suitable for “cylindrical” as well as “non-cylindrical” shapes
  • Certified solution

The services We4Ce offers are:

  • Design technology transfer or a “license to produce”
  • The supply of modular segments as pre-fabricated hardware components
  • The supply of the sub-component of the bushing system

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