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Transport Challenges? We4Ce Sectional Rotor Blades!

We4Ce developed two different solutions for segmenting the rotor blade:

  • Bonded solution
  • Bolted solution

Bonded solution

The bonded solution is a so called male-female solution. This connection is suitable for the tip part of the blade. It makes blade length variation within one blade family possible, leading to a main inboard part and variable tip parts outboard.

Bolted solution

The bolted solution is suitable for the inboard part of the blade. This could be of interest for customers with a vision to choose for partial span pitch control strategies. The We4Ce bushing solution is integrated in the rotor blade to fulfil the requirements due to the aerodynamic shape of the rotor blade. 

First investigation programs runs since early 2019.


Sketch principle Bondend solution                             Bolted solution

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