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We4Ce Sectional Rotor Blades (AdapTIP)

A "sectional rotor blade" means that the blade is produced in 2 or more parts.  We have chosen for a main part and a tip-part. These two parts are to be assembled together on site.

Our idea for AdapTIP was that replacing of the blade tip, would solve a lot of problems in a more efficient way.

The tip section of a rotor blade endures the most problems , like erosion or lightning strikes. Since the tip only weighs a fraction of the total blade, this is the easiest part to replace. Thereby also guaranteeing that the original blade shape again getting the maximum performance of the turbine.

Current methods of repair involve the usage of rope hangers or drones. Downsides of these methods are that at higher windspeeds the number of days for repair are limited and blades are not steady (moving constantly) during repair, which will affect the quality of the repair.

Advantages of the “Patented“ AdapTIP are:

  • More installation ships available in the world for reduced length rotor blades
  • Smaller cranes needed for the erection of blades to the windturbine
  • In case of blade tip replacement, We4Ce works on a assembly without main crane.
  • The affected blade tip can be easily repaired on ship or on-shore under perfect conditions
  • Depending the situation of the windfarm, blade tips and so the full blade can be extended to perform more energy.
  • In case of windfarms in rural area with limited infrastructure transport can be handled more easier.

The new to produce rotor blade will be more expensive, knowing the fact that a special tip module needs to be added into the rotorblade. The OEM costs, or the Wind Turbine Performance ( annual yield) must be the driving factors for choosing this solution.




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