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We4Ce Sectional Rotor Blades

A sectional rotor blade means that the blade is produced in different lengthwise parts and assembled together on site.
The advantages are seen in production, handling and transportation. Producing and transporting smaller parts is generally cheaper.
The disadvantages of segmented solutions are complications in the assembly on site, higher mass and mass moment loads.
Furthermore often there are difficulties or even no possibilities of an easy disassembly.

We4Ce offers a solution referred to as “Tip Modules”.

This solution is a non-bolted and non-bonded solution with the key benefit of lower effort during installation and the possibility of disassembly on site. Latter making an exchange of the tip part possible.

The base idea of We4Ce’s technology is not new. It is a simplification of the “good old” tip mechanism design as we provided in stall blades up to 15 years ago. Hence the solution comes with a track record in service!   





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